"There comes a time in each of our lives that we feel lost and begin to doubt oneself.

Now there's something you can do to change that!

Reaching out isn't a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength"

- Jessica


Readings Offered

Many people will call and ask for a 30 min session, I let everyone know that I do not charge by the minute or by the hour. I charge by the session itself. Your reading can last 20 minutes or it can last 2 hours, it depends on what comes through in your reading and how many questions you may have after your reading(s).


Palm Reading 

The palm reading will tell you about yourself, your personality, things that are going on with you as an individual.

This reading is based on past.


Tarot Card Reading

The tarot card reading will tell you about yourself, people in your surroundings, through career, finances, travel, health for yourself, health for family, through family, love marriage and relationships.

This reading is based on the present time.


Psychic Reading

The psychic will tell you basically what the tarot card will, only it is based on future.


Love & Relationship Reading

This readings channels through your partners heart and mind to reveal what he/she is really thinking and feeling for you. (Have you wondered if your partner is being faithful? Has there been a sudden change? Have you been through a break up and want to see if you will be together again in the future?) This reading answers all relationship questions. Also reads the energy and connection strength, and the outcome of the relationship within 12 months. 

((Full name and date of birth, or photo is required at the time of the reading.))

This reading is only based on love & relationships. 


Combination of Palm, Tarot & Psychic:

This reading will cover past, present and future in all areas of life.


Combination of Tarot & Psychic:

This will tell you about present time and future.